Crane equipment





The GOTCHA! must be used safely according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If The GOCHA! Has to be modified in any way, the user must make a request in writing and have it approved by the manufacturer.



GOTCHA! must be used according to the instruction manual by a qualified person. This person must have read the instructions in the instruction manual section.
The training must include:
• The trigger operation
• The weight that can be supported by the trigger
• Precautions to take when using
• A demonstration must be done by the instructor, then the opeator must repeat the procedure in front of the instructor.



A visual inspection must be made of The GOTCHA! before every use. Upon inspection should any defects, cracks or breaks in the device be deteced, it must be taken out of service and returned the manufacturer for repair and recertification.
A full inspection should be done occasionally.
This inspection includes:
• Deformations of the structure (main plate)
• Cracks, welds, openings, mechanism ...
• The correct operation of the device
• Trigger speed variations
• Proper operation of the automatic release and manual release
• The presence of security elements



Preventive maintenance must be performed by a qualified person. This maintenance must be done according to the manufacturer's recommendations.
All repairs, parts replacement must be done by the manufacturer.


Operating practices


• The operator must have read and understood the operating instructions of the device before use.
• The operator must ensure that the lifting device is fully operational before using The GOTCHA!
• The operator must understand the warning signals in case of emergency
• The operator must only follow the instructions of the person in charge
• The operator must take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of operations
• The lift manager must inspect the trip unit and check with a qualified person if they have any doubts


• Do not use an out of order GOTCHA
• Do not use the trigger for other jobs
• Do not lift a weight out of the trigger's ability
• Do not make changes to the product
• No safety warnings or indications need to be changed
• Weights should not be free when lifting
• The release must not lift an attached weight in a non-conforming manner


• The weight of the load must not exceed the maximum indicated
• The weight of the release and the load together must not exceed the capacity of the lifting device
• The load must be hooked to the location provided by the manufacturer
• Strings must not be intertwined
• The trigger must not lift an improperly attached load
• The release must not lift a load that may fall during lifting
• No individual should be suspended from the charge or trigger
• No individual should be under load at any time
• The trigger or its load must not drag on the ground
• When lifting, the operator must mount the load somewhat to verify that the load is stable
• The load must be raised and lowered slowly, avoid sudden movements


Always turn off the trigger when not in use (open position).
Always use AAA batteries.
Any modification or alteration of the release without the written authorization of the manufacturer will void the warranty. Security can not be assured if the product is changed.
We can not be held responsible for any accident or injury caused by the trigger.