Crane equipment



STEP 1 : Insert one of the two rings of the sling into the self-locking safety hook. The self-locking hook must never be smaller than the nominal weight of GOTCHA!

STEP 2 : Attach the load as usual and insert the other sling ring into the opening. Manually lock the sling ring into the GOTCHA's mouth by fully depressing the latch lever. The engagement lever will return to its original position. The load is ready to be moved to its destination. 

STEP 3 : Once the load is at destination and is on the ground, press button 1 until the signal sounds, the light above button 1 will blink for up to 4 seconds. You must press and hold button 2 until you release it within 4 seconds for the receiver to activate the eject command. Once this time has passed, you will have to repeat the sequence.

Charging the Battery : The shutter release comes with a NIMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) type battery charger. When the battery is put on the charge, leave it for a period of time between 13 and 15 hours for a full charge. The battery has been tested for 400+ releases, it is essential to use the battery until it is completly empty before recharging, this will avoid the risk of explosion or risk of fire (the operator should always have a second charged battery)

Manual tripping : Should the sling need to be triggered manually (as shown on the picture) simply pull down on the manual trigger handle.